We get asked a lot of questions by customers, and some of our products have different shipping times and methods of supply, which can be affected by Customs in your country of origin. Most of these notes refer to Australian Customs schedules, but we’ve tried to give you an idea for everywhere else, too, so if you have a question, please check here before you call or email us to ask. You might just find the answers here!

Ordering our fabrics and woolen blankets

Whilst we would love to be able to keep these items permanently in stock, the minimums required make the cost of stocking every style and colour prohibitive for the time being. We hope you will appreciate that we are trying to supply a very high quality product that simply isn’t available in Australia, and we assure you that when you receive your order, you will be impressed with the goods.

At present, taking shipping and Australian Customs into account, it takes 28 days to get fabric orders into Australia (if you’re ordering from overseas, especially the USA, this will differ markedly – as little as two days!).

Please allow 28-35 days for delivery, and we will endeavour to keep you informed of any delays.

Delivery times

Standard delivery for these special fabrics averages 2-4 weeks including Australian Customs clearance.

UPS shipping can be arranged for retail customers, at your own expense if you need to have fabrics in your hands faster. Please phone or send us a message ahead if you need this special service.

Ordering in Bulk?

If you’re ordering more than 30m of any one design and colour (that’s retail or wholesale), we can provide a piece length discount. Just ask! We’ll send you an invoice drawn up by email.

Do you run a business and want to use these fabrics?

Cote & Cutler is the Australian distributor of these fabrics. Please ask us if you would like to stock them in your store. A wholesale price list is available on request and submission of a business name and ABN (or equivalent). A rep can also be sent out to show you our entire swatch range at your premises if you are in the Sydney Metropolitan area, and sometimes interstate (if you’re very nice to us!)

Yes! We make Vestments.

If your church needs new vestments for an incoming cleric, or just to freshen up your act, we can use any of these fabrics to make up what you need. Colours are designed to work with the symbolic colours of the ecclesiastical calendar.

And of course, if you’re ordering a custom costume to be made up by us, we can always use anything here for exactly that!

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